Fuckboys: a Global Phenomenon that have Even Invaded ICU, Japan

Oh, haven’t we all seen and dealt with at least one fuckboy in our lives. Be it as a friend or a romantic interest, one has to admit that they are really not the best person to spend time with.

I mean, to start off:

  • You will never be their priority.

Unless you are popular, hot, or insanely rich, chances are you are a person they don’t deem worthy of “hanging out”. Most of these guys in Japan tend to have some kind of “gaijin” or foreign atmosphere about them; be it their passport or their mindset.

  • LINE is their main method of communication.

They will casual ask for your contact info, and most often end up adding 3/4 of the girls in the class on the first day of school. Because they just simply want something short and sweet. They want to “stay chill”, whatever that means.

  • International Christian University(ICU) is full of them.

I kid you not. Beware!!!!!

September, April students alike, it doesn’t matter. Because of the skewed gender ratio in ICU, most of the guys end up beginning to lose the value of companionship and long-term relationship because of the oversaturated pool of partners.

When I first came here, I asked many of my dorm senpais(girls) about dating in ICU as a joke.

Me: “So. The guys here, huh.”

Senpai: “Yeah. The guys here. What’s up?”

M: “Some of them are pretty cute. Do a lot of the girls in our dorm end up dating them?”

S: “Well, yeah. Of course. It doesn’t last long though.”

M: “What do you mean?”

S:”I mean, come on. A lot of them end up just cheating on them or find a better girl than their current girlfriend. I’m not trying to say that all guys here are assholes–”

M: “I’m sure they’re not

S: “–but a lot of them end up acting like one. And its really out of control here. Some of them start off by wanting to be popular in college so they act like they’re hot shit. And that’s alright. At least they have a goal.”

M: “Huh.”

S: “The worst ones are the guys who never really had a goal to be a fuckboy in mind. But they’ve surrounded themselves with fuckboys and just end up not being aware of how many girls they’re hurting.”

M: “A true natural.”

S: “One girl from our dorm, you know her, yeah. She ended up being cheated on by one of them. He was popular, hot, and pretty smart: the full package. Ended up being dumped after he told her that she was just a ‘friend’. Like what kind of friend sleeps with each other?”

M: “That sounds tough. Did that really happen?”

S: “Yeah. And he did it to his next girlfriend too. At any other college, this would mean social suicide for this guy. But because he’s such a charismatic guy at a small dating pool, he can find one girl to spend the night with easily. One right after another.”

M: “A serious cheater.”

S: “Who would’ve guessed, right? At a Christian university, no less.”

M: “Arigato, senpai. I’ll try looking elsewhere and will make sure to keep my eyes open.”

S: “No problem. Make sure you tell me about the guys in your class next time.”

This sounds horrible, I know. But if you are going to ICU soon and are hoping to find a cute partner, beware the guys. There is a higher tendency to act like a fuckboy for ICU guys, so keep your eyes open and don’t let that crush filter ruin your week.


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