#5 The Date with the U.S. Navy guy

It never happened.

I was busy that day (leaving Japan in a few days), and I even told him in advance that I may cancel. He didn’t reply after my cancel text on LINE, and well that’s that.

He was so cute though.

In all honesty, he was really casual and seemed to be alright. He liked working out, watching the same FilthyFrank videos as me, and didn’t mind it when I couldn’t message right away.

Right away, he told me that he doesn’t like “playing games” and that he reads philosophy books in his free time. I dig that confidence.

There were some parts that made me rethink about him:

  • He sends way too many selfies. 

I don’t mind how nice he looks. It’s just that I don’t know how to respond to it. “Wow, you look nice.” “cool background, yo.”

And then he asks me to send a selfie and I have to answer back that I’ll send one after I take a shower later in the day.

  • He laughed when I told him that English was my first language.

“Really?”, he told me, amazed that an Asian girl who has never lived in the U.S. can speak fluent English. “Are you sure it’s your first language? I mean, you’re Japanese! That doesn’t make any sense!”. Yeah, damn right is makes sense. Look at how I just did the impossible.

But other than that, he was nice. Looking back at it, the second part was pretty bad but I was desperate at that point. Tinder in Tokyo wasn’t going well for me, and I was in an emotionally bad place because of the move. I was emotionally vulnerable and felt empty.

He filled that hole in my head for a few days before he started to pressure me into a date, and I had to turn him down.

Since coming back to Singapore, I have deleted him on LINE and don’t regret it. I don’t want to waste his time, and I know that what he’s looking for (a hook-up and maybe even a potential partner) isn’t my thing. I wish Jordan the best of luck in the navy, and will now be on my way.


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