Talking to a Ghoster

I was ghosted by my tinder guy #2, club promoter, for a second date. Or at least, that’s what I thought. It was a hard blow for me, and even made me decide to not ghost the obnoxious memer and confront him instead before blocking him.

But today, after a few drinks, I ended up going with a friend’s advice to follow a “two-message” rule. If after messaging two times at different times and the guy hasn’t answered back, it’s a good indicator that he is just not that into you. So I did. And after my  super-casual-chill message of “u ok?” he replied back with a “haha yeah”.

Which means bullshit. Well, that’s what came up into my mind when I didn’t know how to answer his message. I just answered “well, thats great to hear” because at this point, I just want answers. He seemed enthusiastic enough, he posted an Instagram clubbing photo, and even replied back to my message: signs of a non-ghoster and more of just a guy who is an unresponsive asshole. At this point, I have no expectations. I would be somewhat happy if he replied back to my message but even if he didn’t, hey at least tried.

I guess this is how people slowly learn the unspoken rules of dating, and I have finally learned to not beat a dying chat anymore to kick-start the spark once more. It’s not coming back, and I just have to accept its death.

Plenty of fish out in the sea, and now I’m going to work on my techniques in swimming before even thinking about developing my fishing skills.


Edit: He has now texted back. WTF, apparently he is in Taiwan for a party. This makes no sense at all, and I have no idea how to feel about this. Oh well, at least it’s fun.