Tinder Date #3: The Exchange Student


  • Here to learn Japanese
  • Gap year
  • Most of his friends are over 25, and he doesn’t get to talk to people who speak “proper English” apparently.
  • Really into Kanye West.
  • From California.
  • Really quiet guy.
  • Same age as me.

Our date was on Friday night, and wow what a ride. I was 30 minutes late due to the unexpected snow and when I went to the area, he wasn’t there.

I panicked. Bad.

I thought it finally happened. A guy ghosted on me because a. I was late and b. he saw me from some secret hiding spot and wished he never agreed to meet up with me.

After another 20 minutes of waiting and frantically walking around Shinjuku feeling like shit, I got a Line message from him. Apparently, his phone battery died, so he had to walk all the way back to his school to charge it. Ok, plausible, fine. The date was on.

We set up a new meeting spot at this chicken grill place, name was in kanji so I can’t remember, and I saw him.

He was a lot skinnier than I thought he would be, but honestly, I didn’t really care. At least he didn’t obviously lie about his age. The first 10 minutes of walking to the restaurant was awkward. I did most of the talking, but I was so happy to talk to a guy who could speak English and wasn’t obnoxious enough to say “wanna netflix and chill later”. So the date proceeded.

We ate, ordered some alcohol, paid the check (he paid like 500 yen more than me, which was nice), walked around and saw his school, Shinjuku ni-choume (the LGBTQ+ nightlife district), and tried to go into a bar but chickened out because it was too crowded.

The ending was nice though. We sat on a bench, overlooking the train station, for 40 minutes while we talked about random topics about life in Japan, and then we had to go back to our dorms because we didn’t want to miss our last train.

Overall, I liked it. Probably my second favorite Tinder date so far, and I still message him on Line to check up on what he’s doing these days.


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